Deliver better products with specialized developers. Get higher quality for lower cost.

Our focus on few technologies allows building high quality products the most effective way.

We work with wonderful companies


Focus on quality. Deliver applications people love to use.

We hire talented and passionate developers that are in touch with latest technology.

Don't worry about misunderstanding your requirements. We care about the importance of communication with the client.

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Don't reinvent the wheel. Improve what's already been done.

We focus on a smaller number of technologies to optimize our work process. We've got a lot of experience that we can build upon. Without building the same thing twice.

Spend more time on things that actually matter

By optimized development process we can spend less time on building standard features. Focus on features that make you better than your competitor.

Our pre-built teams are ready to jump on your project. Don't get limited by resources.

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  • You can meet us mostly in:
    - Bratislava
    - Prague
    - Los Angeles
  • We have remote people all over the world.
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